SEM reservation

Particles, microparticles and colloids

Particles, microparticles and colloids play an important role in the transfer of matter and micropollutants in the different compartment of the environment, mostly in water.

During the last decade, they have been intensively studied thanks to solutions/suspensions analytical techniques. These researches gave rise to bulk information.

Recently (last 5-10 years), attention has been given to the properties of these entities at the scale of the particle.

The most adapted technique for such detail information is nowadays microscopy.

In the Particle Lab, both bulk and microscopic techniques are available in order to fully characterize particles.

Analysis at the scale of the particle

click for EELSpectrum

Main = Transmission Electron Micrography (TEM)

On MouseOver = Electron Diffraction (SAED)

On Click = Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)

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Hole dug in the particle by Focus Ion Beam

surface view (SEM image) of the particle

section deposed on the TEM grid

TEM of the section

Elemental map of Fe

100 nm

Elemental map of Cu

Elemental map of Cu and Fe

Atomic Force Microscopy in contact mode

Micrography of bacteria with exopolymers imaged in water in buffer solution pH 7

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